CHANEL challenge us to create custom 'universe system' using Maya and MEL.

Great thing about it is that you can select custom shapes or objects and mark them as a goal for selected group of stars. Another issue was to prepare shader and force stars motion trail in software rendering.

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Together with Karol Kołodziński we created an animation for Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering rebrand.
I took care of modeling, simulation, animation, shading, lighting, rendering and Karol take compositing.

Simulation was created using Maya tools and custom scripting using MEL. There was 10 different shots, over 100 simulations, over 10,000 frames to render and we have one month to deliver final.

MiniMini+ Chanel ID

Canal+ asked me to prepare complete character rig and retopology for new MiniMini+ campain.

Together we develop fish character with many custom controls and attributes, but also underwater animation system for plants and flowers.

Jellyfish rig

Starfish and jellyfish characters modeled with Maya and ZBrush. Rendered with mental ray.

Work itself won 3D Choice Award on that I was very proud back then.